Climate activism in times of crisis

A while ago I was interviewed about climate activism in times of crisis, and now the article’s published -an interesting read for anyone interested in activism. You can read the whole article here, I just copy in a small sneekpeek:

One thousand and twenty-nine pairs of shoes, arranged in neat rows, cover the square in front of the House of Representatives in The Hague, a large city on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands. The shoes belong to climate activists—but the activists are at home. 

On this sunny mid-April day, the protest signs stand alone. “No government funds without climate policy,” reads one, sticking out from a pair of black chelsea boots. “We shouldn’t go back to normal,” says another, “because normal was exactly the problem.”

Today’s climate activism is in many cases characterized by the mass occupation of public spaces. From September 2019, for example, millions of students took to the streets for Fridays for Future, the weekly school strike started by Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. In the same year, activists from Extinction Rebellion UK managed to block the city of London for 11 days, leading to the arrests of over a thousand protesters.